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OCLS Services for Page 1+

Information about OCLS service activities for Page 1+


This page provides an overview and summary of the key differences between Alma's built-in functionality and Leganto to help college libraries decide on the best solution for their own institution.

Alma includes built-in functionality for course resource list management. Leganto is an additional course resource list solution from Ex Libris that integrates with Alma and a college learning management system. The built-in course list functionality can be used in Alma with no additional cost. There is an additional subscription fee and software agreement for Leganto.

Leganto vs. Alma Course Reserves

Use the link below to download the Report on Leganto vs. Alma Course Reserves for Page 1+ Libraries prepared by Danielle Emon, Page 1+ Implementation Consultant, March 9, 2023.

Leganto Subscription Details

Please contact Virginia Roy and Liana Giovando directly for estimated per-member initial Leganto Subscription Fees and Implementation Fees.

  • The subscription and software agreement for Leganto will be managed by OCLS on behalf of participating colleges.
  • Participating colleges have 12 months from the Page 1+ Go-Live Date (July 26, 2022) to opt in.
  • Customer will provide Ex Libris with ninety (90) days advance notification of intent to exercise this option.
  • Implementation of Leganto must take place within 12 months of electing the option to participate.
  • Leganto implementation is expected to take approximately 3 months.
  • The preference is for colleges to implement Leganto as a group, but exceptions can be made for colleges in special circumstances. Colleges may be responsible for additional implementation fees if they elect to implement the tool separately.  
  • Ex Libris has suggested that the barrier to trigger the additional discount of 15% could be lower than 10 participating colleges but have not yet confirmed in writing.