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College Libraries Ontario

CLO : Strategic Plan

College Libraries Ontario: Working together to provide the best college libraries and resources

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Strategic Directions 2019-2022

September, 2019 (rev.)


College Libraries oOntario (CLO) is a catalyst for library collaborative initiatives and opportunities that advance equitable access to quality information resources, services, and expertise.

Mandate Statement

College Libraries Ontario (CLO) provides leadership by strengthening partnerships that promote sustainable networks of shared information resources, services, expertise, and trusted relationships.

Strategic Directions

  1. Provide innovative academic support services to build student academic success, retention and graduation rates
    1. Strengthen the collaborative development of equitable access to information resources, services, and expertise.
  2. Strengthen collective capacity
    1. Champion best practices and lead a collaborative shift that advances and implements meaningful inclusion of our academic communities. ;
    2. Maximize the impact of consortial purchasing by leveraging partnerships and expertise and reducing redundancies; the building of shared resources and services.
  3. Demonstrate value to key stakeholders
    1. Develop a provincial framework for quality and assessment metrics; collect and publish data that highlights activities and supports goals.