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Information about OCLS service activities for Page 1+


This page provides information about e-resources that, for one reason or another, must be managed in the colleges' Institution Zones (IZs), even when they are ordered/renewed through OCLS. These e-resources are incompatible with the Network Zone.

E-Resources with Unique URLs

Under certain circumstances, e-resources accessed by a URL that includes a unique identifier for the college (an institutional UID) can't be managed in the Network Zone (NZ). In these cases, if a licensed college wishes to include the e-resource in Alma/Primo, they must manage it in their Institution Zone (IZ) instead.

This situation applies in all cases of unique URLs where there is no Community Zone (CZ) collection available.

Where there is a CZ collection, it also applies in the following circumstances:

  • The collection has no linking parameters fields where UID values can be entered; and,
  • There are no applicable line items in the Custom Linking for Central Index Databases Mapping Table.

There are different options available for how to manage e-resources with unique URLs in your IZ, depending on the nature of the e-resource.

CZ database-type collection is available
  • Activate it in your IZ.
  • In the Electronic Collection Editor, enter your unique URL in the Level URL (override) field on the Additional tab.
MARC records are available
No CZ collection and no MARC records available
  • Create a local database collection.
  • Note: A bib (MARC) record must be paired with the local database collection for the e-resource to appear in Primo VE.

Need Support?

If you need support in creating an import profile or local collection, please reach out to

  • All Westlaw products
  • Some Films on Demand collections
  • E-Marketer
  • Kanopy
  • InfoLit Core (Credo)
  • Safetyhub
  • Transparent Language
  • FP Advisor
  • Creative Library (Adforum Maydream)
  • 4 Seasons of Reconciliation units (Productions Cazabon)
  • Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy
  • Gale Literature: LitFinder
  • Financial Times: Premium

Collections for Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profiles

Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profiles automatically update your Alma/Primo records whenever you order a new e-resource or cancel a renewal. One profile per vendor is required and there are limited vendors for which these profiles are available. Please see the sections about KBART on the Integrations page for more information about the Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profiles.

Certain CZ collections must be activated for an Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profile to work, and these collections must be activated in your IZ.

If you wish to use an Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profile, please let us know at and we'll opt you out of NZ collections for that vendor.

Collections in My Electronic Resources By Provider

The My Electronic Resources By Provider tool provides an option for central management of your ProQuest e-resources. With this tool, you can review the ProQuest collections in the CZ that are available to your institution, including those for open access and complementary e-resources; identify which are activated in your IZ and which are not; and activate/deactivate collections one-by-one or in bulk.

To access the tool, click on Resources in your Alma sidebar, and then click on the My Electronic Resources By Provider link under the "Manage Inventory" heading.

By default, OCLS will activate all collections you've ordered through OCLS's eResources Management service in the NZ. You can use My Electronic Resources By Provider to activate any other collections available to your college in your IZ.

If you wish to use My Electronic Resources By Provider to manage all your ProQuest e-resources, please let us know at and we'll opt you out of ProQuest collections in the NZ.

Alma Collections

In the context of this documentation, an Alma collection is a compilation of bibliographic records (bibs) compiled by the library in their IZ to support user discovery of resources that are related in some way. For example, Centennial’s Diversity & Belonging collection brings together material related to diversity, equity and inclusion topics of interest to their community.

Alma collections can contain a mix of physical, digital, and electronic materials, including bibs for electronic collections and portfolios from the CZ, but only when those CZ records are activated in the IZ. Bibs associated with electronic collections activated in the NZ cannot be added to IZ Alma collections.

There is an idea in the Idea Exchange for a development that would allow IZs to add content in the NZ to their IZ collections. We encourage you to vote for this idea by clicking the “Vote” button next to the idea’s title and description. If you do not have an Idea Exchange account, you will be prompted to create one before you cast your vote.

For more information about how to create and maintain Alma collections, see Managing Collections in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center.

In the meantime, if you would like to opt out of an NZ activation in order to add bib(s) for that electronic collection or its portfolios to an Alma collection in your IZ, contact for assistance.