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Working Groups/Committees

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[Senior Operational Team}

Chairs: Tanis Fink, Seneca and Anabella Arcaya, Algonquin

Members: Jennifer Peters, Seneca, Kathryn McMillan, Seneca; John Ellis, Algonquin, Lisa Jack, Confederation; Tiffany Miller, Confederation, Gail Strachan (project manager), CLO

Purpose: To provide equitable access to library and learning centre support and resources for Ontario's online college students, and provides a toolkit of useful resources for faculty. 

Library eResources Accessibility Project (LEAP)

[Steering Committee; Advisory]

Chair: Joy Muller, Seneca 

Members: Bianca Parisi, Niagara; Brenda Mahoney, Algonquin; Shannon Hayes, Fleming; Madeleine Crew, Sheridan; Mellissa Forget, St. Clair; 

Purpose: Oversees the development of the Library eResources Accessibility Project (LEAP), a tool for the Ontario College Libraries to collaboratively evaluate the accessibility of library resources. 

Metrics and Assessment

Chair: Catherine Davidson, Durham 

Members: Eva McDonald, Centennial; Sandra Herber, Humber; Maureen Sheppard, Algonquin; Gosha Trzaski, Centennial; Emily Tufts, Durham; Jane Foo, Seneca; Holly Savari, OCLS

Purpose: The committee is seeking to develop meaningful qualitative and quantitative metrics that demonstrate to stakeholders the value of the library to the colleges and their students, faculty, and staff. 


Chair: Gordana Vitez, Niagara

Members: Sam Cheng, Sheridan, Adam Weissengruber, Humber;  Marnie Seal, Cambrian; Jennifer Peters, Seneca; Liana Giovando, Seneca; Jackie Chambers Page, Niagara; Kate Gibbings, Durham; Paula Parlette, Fanshawe; Megan McGinley, Algonquin; Hayden Veillieux, Confederation, Jen Booth, Georgian. 

Purpose: The committee conducts research and explores options to assist CLO in developing strategies regarding support, promotion, and development of open educational resources (OERs).

Collaborative Library Services Platform Implementation Committee

Chairs: Jessica Bugorski, Fanshawe; David Luinstra, Fleming 

Members: Dijana Kladnjakovic, Humber; Jane Burpee, Centennial; John Ellis, Algonquin; Leigh Cunningham, St. Lawrence; Rachel Caldwell, Conestoga; Angela Ashton, Lambton; Callen Retter; Carol McNabb, Georgian; Chris Woodley, Conestoga; Eva McDonald, Centennial; Katrina Hansen, Centennial; Louis Lacelle, La Cite; Travis Winwood, Algonquin; Shannon Arsenault, Northern; Cheryl Wardell, Fleming; Donna Walsh, Sheridan; Hilary Kelly, Cambrian; Jennifer Floyd, Sault; Josee Gervais, Boreal; Justin Johnson, Fleming; Katherine Marceau, La Cite; Lingling Jiang, Sheridan; Lisa DiBarbora, Humber; Marnie Kurssis-Morrow, St. Clair; Maureen Sheppard, Algonquin; Pear Raju, George Brown; Tony Oronato, Fanshawe; Erin Williams, Fanshawe; Dorothy Gagnon, Georgian; Joanne Qin, St. Clair; Laura Holton, Fanshawe; Lindsay Bontje, Humber; Mary Anne Reinhard, Algonquin; Kit Garbe, Northern; Irene Sillius, Sheridan; Jasper Romo, Georgian; Mary-Margaret Mirtos, Centennial; Mellissa Forget, St. Clair; Sarah Gillard, George Brown; Stephanie Black, Lambton; Susan Lee, Conestoga; Amanda Van Mierlo, Humber; Gary Dye, Conestoga; Joy Wen, George Brown; Rebecca Pearson, Lambton; Alexandra Ross, Humber; Alexis Edl, Northern; Anabella Arcaya, Algonquin; Laura Patrie, Boreal; Natalie Colaiacovo, Centennial; Sonam Dhargay, Sheridan; Liana Giovando, OCLS.

Purpose: The Committee will lead the implementation of a shared library services platform. 

Indigenous Matters

Chairs: Jane Burpee, Centennial and Lisa Jack, Confederation

Members: Hilary Kelly, Cambrian' Tiffany Miller, Confederation; Catherine Davidson, Durham; Megan Anderson, Fanshawe; David Luinstra, Fleming; Pearl Raju, George Brown; Jennifer Varcoe, Georgian; Aliya Dalfen Humber; Angela Ashton & Nicole Domonchuk, Lambton; Lynn Coleman, Mohawk; Kit Garbe, Northern; Amy Boyer, Sault; Tanis Fink, Seneca; Patricia Buckley, Sheridan; Mellissa Forget, St. Clair; Carrie Cousineau & Karolina Roussakis; Gail Strachan, LP/CLO. 

Purpose: The committee will provide support in the development of policies, services, collections, and programming which advance an Indigenous worldview and knowledges throughout Ontario college libraries

Decolonizing the Library Catalogues subcommittee

Chairs: Patricia Buckley, Sheridan

Members: Hilary Kelly, Cambrian' Tiffany Miller, Confederation; Megan Anderson, Fanshawe; Cheryl Wardell, Fleming; Sarah Gillard, George Brown; Jennifer Varcoe, Georgian; Najeeb Ahmed, Humber; Vanessa Koch & Robert Souliere, Mohawk; Mellissa Forget, St. Clair; Carrie Cousineau, St. Lawrence; Jasper Romo, Georgian; Irene Sillius, Sheridan.

askON Steering Committee

Chair: Cynthia Mckeich, Humber

Members: Rachel Caldwell, Conestoga; Michelle Gravelle, Seneca; Stephanie Black, Lambton; Marnie Kursiss-Morrow, St. Clair; Tony Onorato, Fanshawe; Rebecca Lafrance  Jana Parmulis, OCLS

Purpose: The committee provides strategic direction and oversight to the activities of the  askON Virtual reference Service. 

Bibliographic Standards Working Group

Chairs: Najeeb Ahmed, Humber, Loyalist; Erin Williams, Fanshawe

Members: Callen Retter & Tiffany Miller, Confederation; Sarah Gillard, George Brown; Angela Ashton, Lambton; Rosina Leung, Seneca; Irene Sillius, Sheridan; Carrie Cousineau, St. Lawrence; Stacey Boileau, Jennifer Mo, OCLS

Purpose: The working group provides leadership and direction in maintaining bibliographic standards and quality control for the Colleges Union Catalogue (CUC) and Collect, as well as ensures that the CUC remains relevant as cataloguing technologies evolve. 

CLEAR Local Steering Committee

Chair: Meaghan Shannon, Fanshawe

Members: Callan Retter, Confederation; James Yochem, Conestoga; Sarah Gillard, George Brown; Sam Cheng, Sheridan; Marnie Seal, Cambrian; Holly Savari, OCLS

Purpose: The committee provides oversight for the College Library Electronic Access Rights (CLEAR) Local service, which makes licensing terms accessible to library users and staff.

Colleges Union Catalogue and Libraries Digital Repository Steering Group (CUCDLR)

Chair: Jennifer Varcoe, Georgian; Erin Williams, Fanshawe; Najeeb Ahmed, Humber

Members: Lisa Jack, Confederation; Callen Retter, Confederation; Susan Lee, Conestoga; Marcia Johnson, Durham; Ross Danaher, Loyalist; Rosina Leung, Seneca; Irene Sillius, Sheridan; Sarah Gillard, George Brown 

Purpose: The Steering Group is responsible for the overall quality, integrity and ongoing value of the Colleges Union Catalogue (CUC). 

Colleges' Object Repository User Group (CORe)

Chairs: Joanna Blair, Centennial; Kent Reynolds, Niagara

Members:  Jessie Collins, Conestoga; Justin Johnson, Fleming; Carol McNabb, Georgian; Jennifer Dupuis, Loyalist; Cindy Riggs, Niagara; Gary Dye, Conestoga

Purpose: The group coordinates the development of the colleges' digital repository platform, metadata standards and best practices. 

eResources Steering Committee

Chair: Dijana Kladnjakovic, Humber

Members: Angela Ashton, Lambton; David Luinstra, Fleming; Dayle Gorsline, Loyalist; Dan Michniewicz, Seneca

Purpose: The steering committee recommends strategic direction and offers advice and consultation on the activities of the Ontario Colleges Library Service's (OCLS) eResource Management Service. 

Ontario Learning Resources for Nurses Working Group (OLRN)

Chair: Marnie Seal, Cambrian

Members: Tessa Dueck, Conestoga; Amy Weir, Humber

Purpose: The working group is made up of both Ontario college and university library staff and works to ensure that decisions related to the licensing of resources for the collaborative BScN degree reflect the priorities and interest of participating colleges and universities.

SIRSI Planning Group

Chair: Susan Lee, Conestoga

Members: Maureen Sheppard, Algonquin; Katrina Hansen, Centennial; Louis Lacelle, La Cite; Callan Retter, Confederation; Justin Johnson, Fleming; Carol McNabb, Georgian; Pearl Raju, George Brown; Adam Weissengruber, Humber; Amanda Van Mierlo, Humber; Shannon Arsenault, Northern; Ida Orr, Sault; Irene Sillius, Sheridan; Lisa Eschli, Sheridan; Yvonne Fleming, St. Lawrence; Leigh Cunningham, St. Lawrence

Purpose: The planning group supports the ongoing operations of the consortium's integrated library system for participating Ontario College libraries.

SIRSI Steering Group

Chair: Carol McNabb, Georgian

Members: Maureen Sheppard, Algonquin; Louis Lacelle, La Cite; Callan Retter, Confederation; Susan Lee, Conestoga; Justin Johnson, Fleming;  Pearl Raju, George Brown; Lisa diBarbora, Humber; Shannon Arsenault, Northern; Ida Orr, Sault; Lingling Jiang, Sheridan; Leigh Cunningham, St Lawrence; Natalie Colaiacovo

Purpose: The steering group provides leadership and direction on behalf of its member libraries in the management of its shared integrated library system and determines needs for enhancements to, or additional modules, for the integrated library system. 

Copyright Interest Group

Chair: Joy Muller ,  Seneca

Members: Catherine Davidson, Durham; David Luinstra, Fleming; Kathi Vandenheuvel, Lambton; Sam Cheng, Sheridan; Claude Masse, La Cite; Colin Fitzsimons, George Brown; Leigh Cunningham, St. Lawrence; Meaghan Tyrell, Mohawk; Adam Mulcaster, St. Clair; Cyndi Smith, Georgian; Jason Bird, Sault; Lisa Jack, Confederation; Nancy Black, Canadore; Stephen Spong, Centennial; Jackie Chambers Page, Siscoe Boschman, Niagara; Meaghan Shannon, Fanshawe; Vanessa Lee, Loyalist; James Yochem, Conestoga